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Oasis Investment Philosophy

The fundamental objective of the Oasis investment philosophy is to generate superior returns at lower than market risk.


To satisfy this objective the company has developed a research and investment process that seeks to identify securities that have an undervalued stream of sustainable cash flows. This process, which is applied on a global basis, is responsible for the ultimate selection of the most undervalued listed securities in the world.
The securities that are selected are incorporated into the construction of portfolios that are well-diversified in their exposure to various asset classes, within the context of extraneous macroeconomic variables.
The implementation of this investment philosophy results in the application of a low volatility approach that makes use of proven stock and instrument selection skills to successfully minimise the inclusion of securities that erode investor capital.

Responsible and sustainable investing is an important consideration for Oasis.


Since inception, our investment-decision making process has been designed to adhere to global best practice including amongst others:



Other codes we consider and evaluate on an ongoing basis to ensure that we are adhering to global best practice include:



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