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Choosing a Product

The range of Products that are offered by Oasis will be able to accommodate the majority of lifes eventualities in one form or another.

The Savings Products offer the Collective Investment Scheme range of funds, that not only come with a diverse spread of risk, regular ongoing payment can be made, over and above initial or additional lump sum investments. Clearly, investments are not made with the objective of withdrawing assets in the short term, but the collective investments do prove easy access to funds, if required.


Also within the savings range the Endowment Policy offers a more disciplined approach to savings. The terms of investment are 5, 10 and 15 years, with the capability of investing initial or additional lump sums. Regular ongoing payments can also be made during the term of the investment, to increase the investment.


In the Retirement Products range, the Retirement Annuity provides the investor with an opportunity to save towards retirement. The product is well established in the South African investment universe, and apart from the benefits that investors reap by starting early in this type of investment, it has tax advantages on an annual basis for investors who make additional contributions to the fund.


For those investors who have being saving towards retirement through their company schemes, and then leave these schemes there are the Preservation Pension and Provident Funds. Gone are the days where people stayed with their employers for decades, and then retired. Today’s world of work is not necessarily that stable, or greater opportunities come along which enable people to change jobs. Sadly, many people take their contributions and rather than saving them for the purpose to which they were intended, they spend the money, and in the process incur tax liabilities.


For those investors who have been prudent enough to save towards their retirement and reached retirement age, Oasis offers the Pension Annuity. An investor has the opportunity of taking their retirement fund savings and placing them into the annuity product for the purposes of providing them with an income whilst retired.

If an investor looks at the spread of products offered in Oasis it can be seen that the concept of investment “from Cradle to Grave” is apparent, and then even beyond death, the needs of beneficiaries can continue to be catered for from within the range.

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