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Corporate Governance 


To ensure that the affairs of Oasis are conducted with the utmost integrity it has sought to maintain high levels of corporate governance at all times. As the company operates in multiple jurisdictions it adheres to the general procedures on Corporate Governance that are applicable to the region in which it operates, whilst it also ensures that the level of Corporate Governance is equal to that which is applicable to its head office. This ensures that extremely high standards of fairness, accountability, responsibility and transparency are maintained at all times.

In terms of the construction of the Board of Directors, each individual is assigned a clearly defined role and there is also a clear distinction between the functions of Executive Directors and the independent Non-Executive Directors. These roles have been established to mitigate the businesses exposure to risk and they ensure that the respective Directors are able to focus their attention on specific areas, which ensures that they are able to make well thought out recommendations to their fellow board members.


The company has also established a specific department that is responsible for conducting internal audits. This department reports to the Chief Executive Officer and enjoys access to the audit committee of the Board of Directors. This ensures that the company’s low appetite for risk is asserted across all entities.

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