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Fees and Charges

Click on Performance Fees FAQ's to download document.


It is imperative that investors are aware of the costs involved in making investments.




There are multiple fees that apply to an investment during its term. It is important for investors to familiarize themselves with these fees from the outset.


Generally, within the financial services industry, fees are payable to three parties:

  • Financial Advisor

  • Administrator / Service Fee

  • The Management Company/ Fund / Insurer (whichever is applicable)


Fees payable can be placed into two main categories:

  • Fees that are payable at the outset of the investment - Initial / Upfront Fees

  • Fees that are payable during the period of the investment - Ongoing Fees


Different fees may apply to different classes of funds. Please refer to the Products tab and select Classes of Funds for more information. All Application Forms also contain the applicable fee basis.


Initial Financial Advisor Fee

This is the fee payable to the Financial Advisor at the outset of making the investment. The respective application forms establish what the minimum and maximum fees are (i.e. the Initial Financial Advisor Fee that may be charged).


Ongoing Financial Advisor Fee

This is the ongoing fee that is paid to the Financial Advisor for the investment consultation that relates to the product.


Initial Administration Fee

Oasis has, as have most companies, moved away from charging an initial administration fee.


Ongoing Service Fee

There is a charge deducted from the investment on a monthly basis to cover the costs of ongoing administration of the investment / record.


Initial Fee - Management Company/ Fund / Insurer (whichever is applicable)

As with the Administrator, there is no initial charge levied in this respect.


Ongoing Fee - The Management Company/ Fund / Insurer (whichever is applicable)

There is an ongoing charge levied, and in the case of Oasis the basis of this calculation has become performance based. Each application form states what the percentage charge is.

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