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Oasis has a range of products to suit the needs in an investor's life, from "Cradle to Grave". Products can be catergorised into three main sections:

  • Savings: Collective Investment Schemes and Endowments

  • Pre-Retirement: Retirement Annuity Fund, Retirement Fund and Preservation Pension and Provident Funds, respectively

  • Post-Retirement: Pension Annuities

Oasis offers a range of savings, pre-retirement and retirement products which meet the needs of investors in all stages of your life-cycle. Saving products include the more liquid range of collective investment schemes and a range of contractual savings plans over terms ranging from 5, 10 and 15 years. Pre-retirement products enable you to save for your retirement in a tax efficient way. Post-retirement products enable you to earn an income from your capital once you retire.

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