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Social Responsibilities


The funding of educational initiatives is an imperative, in order to create a competitive workforce that will contribute towards a vibrant economy.  Over the years we have seen the allocation of dedicated resourcing, the establishment of working groups and committees, and the exchange of dialogue to address the challenges in education, yet the issue of providing quality education to growing populations and the funding thereof has remained challenging. Since its establishment, Oasis focused its funding across all levels of education.

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In the area of social development, Oasis has adopted four Children’s Homes and an Old Age facility. These institutions are engaged with on a weekly basis through a number of educational and enjoyable outings that contribute towards the well-being of the children and aged.



In the area of health care, Oasis has provided funding towards the development of vital units, refurbishment projects to improve facilities as well as the provision of life saving equipment to hospitals that provide free services to the public.  Some of the projects included the unveiling of a newly refurbished ward and extended Dermatology Laser Unit at Groote Schuur Hospital. This world famous hospital is home to the first heart transplant operation and is now the site to the first publically available laser and hair removal unit in South Africa.

The wide and varied applications of laser technology within the Dermatology Unit will ensure that conditions not currently treated by the public healthcare framework will now be accessible to a greater portion of society.  Through the years, Oasis has brought relief to the inadequate and rudimentary facilities at many hospitals in South Africa, allowing greater access to health care and healing.



For the Oasis Group, responsible and sustainable corporate citizenry has remained integral to the firm’s operation. Since inception, the success of the Oasis ethical products has allowed non-permissible income contributions into the Oasis Crescent Fund Trust (OCFT) and thus support the eradication of social disparities. The resulting improvement in the quality of life for thousands of ordinary people has been extensive both domestically and abroad. The reach of the projects initiated by the company over the past 25 years spans across education, healthcare and social service support in the area of disaster relief.

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