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Types of Funds and Portfolios

In order to cater for the wide variety of investors needs, whatever their age, financial position, risk tolerance or return expectations, Oasis has a range of Funds and Portfolios that will be suitable to invest in.



Collective Investment Schemes may be classified according to their investment objective (like income, growth, inflation protection, etc.), which is closely related to the type of securities that are included in the underlying portfolio (e.g. equity, bond, money market, etc.).

In general Collective Investment Schemes fall into four general categories:


  • Equity Funds invest in shares that represent equity in companies.

  • Fixed-Income funds invest in government or corporate securities that offer fixed rates of return.

  • Money Market funds invest in highly liquid institutional money market instruments.

  • Balanced Funds invest in a combination of equity, fixed income and money market funds.

Equity Funds

These funds focus on providing growth of capital and their secondary emphasis is usually on dividend growth. They invest in shares that have a potential for growth and capital appreciation and usually provide irregular (relatively low) current income. Growth funds generally incur higher risks than income funds but they have the potential to provide more pronounced long-term growth.

These funds may invest in several geographic regions around the world or they may focus on the equities of a particular country or region. They may also invest in a broad range of industries or they may concentrate on one or more industry sectors.


Fixed-Income Funds


The goal of fixed income funds is to provide current income consistent with the preservation of capital. These funds invest in corporate bonds or government-backed mortgage securities that have a fixed rate of return. Within the fixed-income category, funds vary greatly in their stability of principal and in their dividend yields. High-yield funds, which seek to maximise the yield by investing in lower-rated bonds of longer maturities, entail less stability of principal than fixed-income funds that invest in higher-rated but lower-yielding securities.


Money Market Funds


For the cautious investor, these funds provide significant stability of the initial amount invested whilst they seek a moderate to high level of current income. Money Market Funds are often seen as an attractive alternative to bank accounts, with yields that are generally more competitive than those of bank savings accounts. They invest in highly liquid institutional money market instruments and because of their short-term nature they provide high levels of liquidity.


Balanced Funds


These funds aim to provide both growth and income. They invest in shares, fixed income securities and money market instruments in accordance with the criteria that are stated in their prospectus.
As these funds invest in several types of securities, they provide greater levels of diversification, which makes them more resilient to market shocks. The combination of asset class investments would also usually provide returns in the form of both income and moderate growth.




Oasis also offers three investment PORTFOLIOS's

  • High Equity Portfolio - New Moon

  • Medium Equity Portfolio - Half Moon

  • Low Equity Portfolio - Full Moon


These portfolios are offered to specifically cater for a managed investment solution based on the type of risk tolerance that suits the investors need.


The Investment Manager will select a range of underlying investments targeted at the required return strategy, in the portfolios. By example, the High Equity Portfolio will have a greater selection of underlying investments that are equity based, than what can be found in the Low Equity Portfolio, whilst the Medium Equity Portfolio achieves a balanced mix between equity and more conservative underlying investments.


The portfolios are not accessible within the Collective Investment Scheme range but are available as an individual member choice offering across the rest of the Oasis products. The portfolios have separate ranges for both Oasis (conventional) and Crescent (shari’ah compliant).

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