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Group Companies

The Oasis Group is a global fund management operation that was formed in June 1997. Within the fund management industry, Oasis has established a strong investment track record as an investment manager with expertise in Shari’ah compliant and conventional collective investment schemes, global mutual funds, retirement funds and large segregated institutional funds.

The Oasis Group currently operates out of the Republic of South Africa. The Group’s corporate head office is based in Cape Town.  Oasis was appointed as an investment manager to its first portfolio in October 1997. Since then the assets under management have grown prodigiously as a result of the company’s commitment to client service and the consistently superior performance of the investment team.

As the assets under management continue to grow, the Oasis Group has expanded and evolved to facilitate this growth and to ensure that effective fund management of the highest standard continues to be entrenched in the company’s mission to meet the needs of Oasis clients.

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