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Oasis Crescent Property Endowment
The Oasis Crescent Property Endowment policy is a savings investment policy, purchased from the Insurer in the name of the Policyholder, within the framework of the Act, with maturity terms of 10 or 15 years or perpetually. The product is designed to enable an investor to take exposure to Shari’ah compliant property (listed and/or unlisted) and cash.

The Product is managed in accordance with the guidelines that have been established by the independent Shari’ah Advisory Board of Oasis. These guidelines stipulate the exclusion of securities, whose primary business activities are non-permissible according to Shari’ah law, from the investment portfolios of the Oasis Crescent range of products.

The Shari’ah Advisory Board has been appointed to advise Oasis on Shari’ah investment and ethical issues. In addition, this board is responsible for conducting an independent analysis of the Oasis Crescent range of products and Investments as well as investment income to ensure that it is aligned with Shari’ah investment guidelines. Each year a certicate of compliance is issued by the Shari’ah Advisory Board for all of the Shari’ah compliant funds that Oasis manages.

The Policy is a pure investment policy with no life cover and contains no risk cover or guarantees of any nature.
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