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Mutual Fund Structure

The regulations for the Collective Investment Schemes of a particular country (or region) are usually stipulated in their legislation. At this point in time Oasis has registered Collective Investment Schemes with the relevant bodies in Europe and South Africa.

The legislation for Collective Investment Schemes would usually stipulate that the Scheme must appoint an investment management company to take care of the administrative and distribution concerns of each portfolio. In each of the regions in which Oasis has registered Collective Investment Schemes it has done the above, and it has also chosen to join the relevant industry bodies to ensure that it is at the forefront of developments in the Collective Investment Scheme industry.

The regulations of Collective Investment Schemes also usually require that an independent custodian is appointed to safeguard the interests of each investor. It is the custodian’s responsibility to register the underlying investments in each portfolio in the name of the relevant Collective Investment Scheme and as such an individual’s investment in a Collective Investment Scheme is held separate from the assets of Oasis.

It is usually stipulated that Collective Investment Schemes should appoint an investment manager to make investments on behalf of the investors in each portfolio. These investment managers would also normally need to register with the relevant authorities to conduct their function and in the case of the Oasis Collective Investment Schemes we have appointed highly regulated entities.

The portfolios of the Oasis Collective Investment Schemes have also appointed independent auditors to review the accounting practices that have been used to manage the relevant portfolios and the final financial statements of the Schemes need to be forwarded to the regulators within a predetermined period of time.

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