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What range of investments do Oasis offer?

   There are two ranges of investments that Oasis offers:

  • The OASIS range of investments acquire their underlying investments from the standard recognized range of investments that are available in the market.
  • The CRESCENT range of investments are managed within the framework of Islamic investment that is derived from Shari’ah law. This stipulates the exclusion of securities whose primary business activities are non-permissable according to Shari’ah law, for example:

    • Alcohol

    • Products that contain Pork.

    • Conventional Financial Services (banking, insurance, etc.)

    • Entertainment (gambling and pornography related)

1.     What type of products does Oasis have?

The Product range can be broken into three categories:

Collective Investment SchemesRetirement Annuity FundPension Annuity
EndowmentPreservation Pension Fund

Preservation Provident Fund

Retirement Fund

2. Are all of the products above available in both the Oasis and Crescent range of investments?

Collective Investment SchemesYesYes
Retirement Annuity
Preservation Pension Fund
Preservation Provident Fund
Pension Annuity

3. Are there any limitations on the investor as to which range to choose?

An investor is free to invest in whatever product or investment range they choose, on the condition that they qualify and meet the necessary requirements of the Investment Application Form and Terms and Conditions of the product.

4. Who is Oasis’s Sharia’ah Advisory Board?

Please refer to the website link for the Shari’ah Advisory Board

5. Does Oasis pay the zakah on my investment?

No, Oasis does not pay the zakah on the investment. The client is responsible for doing this.


Funds falling within the Oasis Crescent Range are Shari’ah Compliant products. Any interest earned on a contribution amount or arising from any
transaction shall be treated as NPI and upon receipt of such interest, such proceeds shall be treated accordingly. This is done in accordance
with the mandate of the Product.

7. How safe is my money with Oasis

Oasis has taken stringent measures to ensure that the schemes that the company have established levels of security. The investments of the products are registered in the name of the respective scheme, and not in any of the Oasis companies. These assets are held by independent custodians that are responsible for keeping all the securities in safe custody. The custodian needs to be duly authorised to perform this function and as such, Oasis cannot be the custodian.

By segregating the above responsibilities the institutional risk to investors has been limited. The remaining risks that pertain to unit trust investments largely reflect the investment risk, which we try to limit with our investment philosophy of providing "Superior returns at lower than market risk"TM

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