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In keeping with the Oasis philosophy of wealth preservation the Pension Annuity product has been developed, for the South African Investor, with the intention of ensuring that retirement savings are converted to provide a regular income at retirement.

The product is an ideal vehicle for those investors who have reached retirement age within the Oasis range of retirement funds, as well as those coming out of other retirement annuities or company retirement funds.

The minimum initial investment amount is R100,000.00 and is subject to amendment by the Administrator.

The source of funds into this product can be from the below, but full disclosure of the source of the funds is required:

  • Retirement Fund
  • Pension / Provident Fund
  • Pension / Provident Preservation Fund
  • Transfer from another administrators Living Annuity conditional to the rules of the fund

The Pension Annuity has three investment portfolios that investors can select from and all three portfolios come in the Crescent Range (Shari’ah compliant)

High Equity Portfolio – New Moon
Progressive Portfolio – Half Moon
Stable Portfolio – Full Moon and Cash Portfolio

For more information on these investment portfolios go to “FUNDS AND PORTFOLIOS”.

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