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Oasis Asset Management Limited is the investment management company, which incorporates the core investment research team, and is employed to manage the assets of various organisations according to conventional investment mandates.


These organisations include listed and private companies, semi-government organisations, retirement funds, educational institutions, trust funds, collective investment scheme managers, high net worth individuals and multi-managers. The mandates for each of these portfolios are specifically tailored to meet clients’ needs. These portfolios would typically include balanced domestic, balanced global, specialist equity, property, money market and fixed interest mandates.


Oasis Asset Management Limited manages the conventional investment products that form part of the Oasis Range both within South Africa and globally.


Regulatory Framework

The company obtained its licence and is regulated by the Financial Services Board in South Africa and is registered with the Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority. In addition, Oasis Asset Management Limited also reports to the South African Reserve Bank and is a member of both the South African Fund Management Society and the International Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR).


Beyond adhering to external regulation, and the prescribed standards of these industry bodies, the Oasis Group has created a business infrastructure that operates within a framework of internal controls that monitor the business activities of Oasis to ensure that daily activities conform to internally generated control standards.


Integrity of Information and Access to Transparent Investment Returns

All reporting of performance by Oasis Asset Management Limited is prepared and presented in compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS). Pricing of all funds within the Oasis Group’s Oasis product range occurs daily and these prices are submitted to Standard & Poor’s, Micropal and Bloomberg, who independently audit the information before making it available to the public.

All institutional fund performance with respect to the investment mandates is submitted to consulting actuaries for independent verification and inclusion in the consulting actuaries surveys.

Appointment of Auditor

Oasis Asset Management Limited has appointed PriceWaterhouseCoopers Inc. as its external auditor.



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