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Choosing a Fund

The first step to investing in a Collective Investment Scheme is to define the objective of investing. You should clearly decide why you want to invest. There are several schemes tailor-made to meet a range of personal financial goals (children's education, marriage, retirement etc.).

You should also define the period over which you want to invest and the risk appetite that you have. Thereafter, you can select a fund type that best suits your need i.e. equity scheme, liquid scheme, balanced scheme, etc.

Remember that when you decide to make an investment of this nature, it is usually a good idea to contact a professional investment consultant who will assist you in formulating your investment needs and goals before attempting to select an investment product.

Once you have a good idea of the type of investment you would like to make, you can choose the fund on the criteria that you feel are relevant. Common criteria that have been used to select funds include the following:

  • The track record of performance of schemes over the last few years
  • Quality of management and administration
  • Parentage of the Collective Investment Scheme
  • Quality and adequacy of disclosures
  • Service levels
  • Independent rating of the schemes, if available
  • The initial fees and its impact on overall return
  • The ongoing fees and its impact on overall return.
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