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Life at Oasis presents many opportunities and much excitement. The company’s people are encouraged to attain their full potential and are presented with the necessary opportunities that facilitate a long and successful career.

In creating a culture of unrivalled success, the management of the company does not accept mediocrity. However, as senior management has an immense amount of collective experience, they are able to provide assistance to the younger members of staff as they grow into their respective careers.

The core principles that are embraced by the people at Oasis include:

  • Excellence: the people at Oasis continually strive to be the most successful investment house.
  • Integrity: the people of Oasis adhere to the highest moral and ethical principles.
  • Accountability: the people of Oasis are subject to the obligation to report, explain and justify their decisions.

In maintaining these principles, the company is able to operate in a respectful environment that delivers a high degree of professionalism across all of the company’s interests and activities.

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