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Oasis is an active participant in several corporate social investment projects and the company has continued to emphasise the importance of this form of investment as it provides an essential role in supporting those communities that are in need.

This investment may either occur through the direct investment of Oasis in various social upliftment projects or indirectly via the distribution of the non-permissible income that is earned on Shari’ah compliant investment. These charitable and corporate social endeavours are primarily positioned and targeted towards four key areas, namely:


  • Disaster Relief
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Sporting Initiatives.

Oasis Crescent Fund Trust Social Investment

According to religious, cultural and ethical beliefs, our unique Oasis Crescent Range of investment products separates the investment return on Shari’ah compliant products into permissible and non-permissible income (e.g. the accrual of interest). Once income is declared, the non-permissible portion of the income is donated to charity. All non-permissible income is placed within the Oasis Crescent Fund Trust, which is a registered charity that distributes this income to various charity, education and disaster relief programmes.

Since the inception of the Crescent Range of investment products, the Oasis Crescent Fund Trust has made significant contributions towards social upliftment programmes that include:

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  • The donation of funds to the flood victims of Mozambique.
  • Donations to the victims of the cyclone that ravaged the Western Cape in South Africa in late 1999.
  • Contributions to the Muslim Association of Red Cross Hospitals for the struggling families during the war in Kosovo.
  • The funding of food parcels for struggling Western Cape families during the bitterly cold Cape winter’s, through contributions to the following food distribution organisations: Al Mustadafeen, the Muslim Judicial Council, the South African National Zakah Fund and the Paarl Muslim Jamah Welfare Organisation.
  • The donation of funds to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital for the construction of a dermatology unit and the funding of a full-time health worker to operate this unit.
  • The donation made to As-Salaam in Braemar, KwaZulu-Natal to facilitate the building of the School’s Dormitory.
  • The much needed donation made to the victims of the Asian Tsunami Disaster of December 2004, following the devastating earthquake and tsunami that ravaged regions of South-East Asia.
  • Food parcels handed out at the beginning of 2005 to relieve the plight of farm workers from the drought stricken area of Piketberg, in the Western Province.
  • A new portable X-ray machine donated to the Khayelitsha Hospital in 2007.
  • Fencing for the Mary Harding School for the disabled to improve the security at the school.
  • A portable laser machine donated to Groote Schuur Hospital together with a new dermatological ward.

Oasis Mandela Day 2011

Gugulethu, 18 July 2011 – Thembalethu School for the Disabled in Gugulethu proudly opened the doors to its newly constructed dormitory on the first day of the new school semester which aptly coincided with Mandela Day.

This new dormitory will serve the needs of disabled children who experienced difficulty in accessing education because of restricted mobility and transport challenges. The Oasis Group Holdings, on behalf of the Oasis Crescent Fund Trust has committed to sponsoring meals to these learners for a period of a year. The first meal was served by Oasis staff as part of the 67 minutes of community upliftment on Mandela Day.


Oasis Corporate Social Investment

Since its inception, Oasis has developed a history of corporate social investment that is not only confined to domestic social investment but also extends to social enhancement globally. Some of these projects include:


  • The sponsoring of several bursaries and donations of educational books and material to schools in need. Oasis has also donated a substantial amount of money to the South African Boys and Girls Town Training Programme, a national project that seeks to improve the skills and coping mechanisms of educators for the ultimate benefit of South African learners.
  • The promotion of the development of sport within South Africa, whereby the Oasis Group sponsored a local Cape Town soccer team, Santos.
  • In 2004 Oasis embarked on a sporting initiative to actively contribute towards the upliftment and development of community club rugby in South African communities. Oasis sponsored a weekend community rugby tournament that brought together rugby teams from all around the Western Cape to compete with one another in a fun-filled and spirited event.
  • Oasis is sponsor of Western Province community-based Rugby Club, Oasis SKW and top provincial rugby club, The Blue Bulls.
  • Oasis is sponsor of the Durban based Crescent Running Club.
  • Globally, the Oasis Group has contributed to social investment through the donation of funds to a South African-based organisation known as ‘Gift of the Givers’. This organisation collects funds for various humanitarian projects that are directed towards international humanitarian crises as they occur.
  • In 2005 Oasis made a substantial contribution to the “South Africa-Mali Project” – a programme led by an official South African government Inter-Ministerial Committee seeking to ensure the preservation of ancient Timbuktu manuscripts. These manuscripts and papers represent an important link to the past of the African continent – with some dating back more than eight centuries, the medieval manuscripts were used to teach mathematics, chemistry, botany, astronomy, optics, medicine, law, history, and religion. The South African and Malian governments have signed an agreement to undertake a project aimed at conserving the manuscripts that are held at the Ahmed Baba Institute in Mali, rebuilding the library and enhancing the archival infrastructure of the Institute. 

Request for Funding

Criteria for Corporate Social
To apply for funding please email the following mandatory criteria for analysis and inspection by the committee:
  • Name of organization/individual
  • The name, details and identity document of the contact person
  • A brief history of the organization
  • Outline in detail the funding request or project
  • The community that would benefit from this funding
  • The time frame of the project
  • Submit the Non Profit Organisation’s certificate, registration, tax and other documents
  • Name and identity documents of the Directors and Trustees
  • The recent 3 years financial statements
  • Name of auditors
  • Bank details
If you have not been contacted regarding your application within 6-8 weeks please accept that your application has been unsuccessful.
To apply for funding please email all completed requests to sponsorship@oasiscrescent.com

Corporate social investment and community involvement remains a critical priority for the Oasis Group, as the organisation continues to strengthen its ties to the community through significant ongoing contribution to various forms of social upliftment within South Africa and abroad.

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